Loving Memories of
Fr. Francis George Doyle S.J.

Fr. Doyle was ordained by the Most Rev. Lawrence Bianchi, Bishop of Hong Kong in the chapel of Wah Yan Kowloon on 25th March, Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lady, in 1963.

In the following morning, he sang his first Mass in Wah Yan College Hong Kong where he taught in the 1959-60 school year.

He left for England and Ireland on 28th July 1960 and finished his theology in Baguio, Philippines.

Ignatius Wan Chiu Wong wrote about his trip with to Europe with Fr. Doyle in 1961 Star "Around Half The World In Forty Days". (<--- click on link to read)

Fr. Doyle gave this poem by Henry Scott Holland to a good friend who wishes to share it with us. It carries special significance for all his friends at this difficult times.(Please click on link to read poem) - Fr. Stephen Chow

Fr. Doyle will be fondly remembered as a very friendly teacher and a good spiritual director. For those of you who would like to read some of his writing, please go to "www.sacredspace.ie" and click on to "Living Space" where you will find his brief description of each day's scripture, throughout the whole year. A lot of readers have found them to be very inspiring and informative. According to Sacred Space, Fr. Doyle returned to Manila in 2010. - Paul K.B. Chan

Fr. Doyle photographed on 1st Auguest 2010 in front of Immaculate Conception Sub-parish Chapel, Feria Community, where he said Mass on the first Sunday of each month.

Fr. Doyle brought us on board aircraft carrier USS Lexington for an unforgettable visit.

Fr. Doyle was ordained in on 25th March 1963, Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lady.

At Wah Yan International Conference 2004.

The Class of '61 with Fr. Doyle in 2009 and as Form 4A in 1960. They fondly nick named him "Doyle Lo" who was the producer of their play "The Fortieth Man" (<--- click to read more) that won the senior section drama competition.  

Francis Lee (left), Peter Lau (right) and Paul K.B. Chan of the Class '67 are, like many others, good friends of Fr. Doyle.

- Mar 22
Mass for Fr. Doyle will be said in Hong Kong on 2nd April (Sat) at 3:30 pm in the Chapel of St. Ignatius of Wah Yan College Kowloon.

View photos of Fr. Doyle's funeral oratory here
- Mar 19
The funeral of Fr. Francis Doyle, S.J. has been set for Tuesday, 22 March 2011. The funeral mass is at 8:30 am at the Oratory of the Loyola House of Studies, Ateneo de Manila University Campus. Fr. Mark Raper, S.J., President of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) will preside over and give the homily. Interment will follow at the Jesuit cemetery of Sacred Heart Novitiate, Novaliches, Quezon City. We appreciate receiving information on those who are coming from outside the Philippines. Thank you very much.  
- Fr. Renato Repole, S.J., Rector, Arrupe House, Manila

- Mar 18
"I am forwarding an official communication from Fr. Rector of the Arrupe International House, in Manila on the death of Fr. Doyle. I will keep you posted when more details of the interment becomes available." - Fr. Stephen Chow

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the demise of Fr. Francis George Doyle, S.J. on 17 March 2011 at 10:44 pm, Manila time. His remains will be waked at the Loyola House of Studies Oratory (the Arrupe International Residence chapel is not that spacious) beginning at around noon today. Masses will be celebrated daily at 8:00 pm. The details concerning interment will follow. We thank everyone, especially his family and friends, for their prayers, messages, and other forms of support for Fr. Frank. May he now rest in the Lord's peace.
In Christ,
Father Rector

- Mar 17 (11:36 pm)
Dear Friends of Fr. Doyle,
I have just been informed by a Jesuit scholastic in Manila that our beloved Fr. Francis Doyle had just returned to God!
This is indeed a very saddening turn of event. But we trust in the merciful God who must have prepared a much better place for his son, Francis, to be with Him eternally!
Let us pray for Fr. Doyle's eternal peace and consolation for his loved ones!
In prayers,
Stephen Chow

- Mar 17 (noon) "Dear Everyone This morning the doctors explained that Fr.Doyle's condition has become even more unstable . As a matter of fact his vital signs are waning and that he is completely on artifcial life support such that he may not last long. Let us continue to offer prayers for him in these very critcal moments. Thank you very much." - Fr.Rector

- Mar 15 "This morning, the hospital called up and reported that Fr. Frank's condition has suddenly turned unstable. His blood pressure was low and his heartbeat fast. We talked to the doctor who explained to us Fr. Frank's condition and the need for some procedures to remedy the situation. Early this afternoon, the resident doctor called up again and reported that Fr. Frank's condition is still unstable despite the three doses of medicine to increase his blood pressure. But they promise to do everything they can to stabilize Fr. Frank's condition. Fr. Frank will be moved back to an ICU room. Please standby for updates and let us pray harder that his condition improves." - Fr. Rector

- 12 Mar "Today Frank finally underwent the Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) which was originally scheduled for him more than a week ago but which was postponed. Now Frank's nutrition which is through a tube is no longer inserted into his nose but into his side so the food goes directly to the stomach. Frank therefore enjoys more comfort on his face area as there are no more tubes around it. He is also now more awake than before and can now mumble some words. His voice cannot come out yet because of the tube that is inserted in his throat area which collects secretions or fluids that accumulate. As a result of his ongoing physiotherapy, the nurse noted that he could even move his left leg more, although the left hand is still stiff. When we bade him goodbye, we were happy to see him make the thumbs-up and the V- or peace-sign." - Fr. Rector

- 10 Mar "The scheduled transfer of Fr. Frank to a regular room last Tuesday did not happen because there was an expected surge in his heart rate. But this morning,  at around 10:30 he was finally trasferred to a regular private room in the  fourth floor (Rm. 435). Two private nurses take a 12-hour shift to take care of him. The nurse who attended to him this morning happily said that Fr. Frank  seems responding well particularly to his physiotherapy as there are signs of  improvement in the movement of his left arm, and also some improvement in his  speech." - Fr. Rector    

- 4 Mar (Manila) "Fr. Frank Doyle [CHN], recovering from a stroke and then pneumonia, had a tracheostomy last Friday and is no longer on a respirator. A gastrostomy was to follow for safer and more hygienic feeding through the stomach rather than through the nose. But the neurologist has yet to give the go-signal for that procedure. Fr. Frank was awake when visited yesterday and, asked how he was, could lip the words "I'm fine." From now on, he undergoes regular physical therapy. The next 6 months will be crucial, especially for rehabilitating the left part of his body and speech. No word yet on when he can be transferred to a regular room." - Fr. Ari Dy, S.J.

- Feb 27 "We visited Frank this morning and found him awake and looking good. We showed him our Community Picture which he eagerly grasped with his hand; so also with the message from a friend. Yesterday, he had his tracheostomy and the nurse said there was no complication at all, thanks be to God. The lung doctor said soon they might wean him off the ventilator and he will only need a simpler form of oxygen assistance. The next procedure Frank is to undergo is gastrostomy which will allow for a safer and more hygienic nutritional system, the tube being now implanted into his stomach rather than through the nose. This way, the doctor said, Frank's face will also be free of obstruction and hopefully result in overall comfort. Let us continue to pray for him." - Fr. Rector

- Feb 25 "Frank's conditions continue to stabilize.  He hasn't had a fever for a day. The edema in his brain is reducing and his kidney functions are approaching normal. There is no plan to do another dialysis for him at this point, which is good. He can recognize people and he can continue to respond to verbal commands by blinking, moving his right leg or squeezing / moving his right hand. He still has pneumonia and that's what preventing him from getting off the mechanical ventilator. Getting rid of the pneumonia and then ventilator are the next steps while the hospital staff already started some basic rehab exercise. Also Frank will undergo a surgery early today (~7am, 25/2) to allow ventilator tubes to go through an area just under his throat rather than his mouth. That should allow easier cleaning and is less prone to infection. - John Soong (who traveled from NYC to be with Fr. Doyle for the past week.)

- Feb 23 "I relay to you this report from one of our Staff at AIR, Fr. Jeff Chang, who, with others, visited Fr. Frank yesterday. (I have been a bit sick myself these days so could not make visits.):
Fr. Frank, although frequently drowsy, was awake for a good part of this morning. When awake, he is alert and responsive. The level of care in the hospital ICU is good. Nurses follow a schedule of adjusting his body position, and limited physical therapy continues in an attempt to combat muscle atrophy. Yesterday, cultures were taken from his sputum, and the infectious disease specialist will determine the nature of the infection and prescribe antibiotics. Last night, there was some fever, and, this morning, a diagnosis of pneumonia was made. Until these problems are brought under control, it will not be possible to try to wean him from the assisted ventilation. He may still receive visitors, two at a time, for limited times. Due to his condition, visitors are asked to wash hands carefully and also to wear masks, in order to protect the patient and also themselves. The expressions of concern and prayers from many whose lives he has touched over the years are appreciated. Visitors have come even from Hong Kong and New York" - Fr. Rector

- Feb 20 "Mr. Philip Doyle relayed to me some into on Fr. Frank as he was able to talk to one of his doctors: They intend to wean him off the breathing machine and continue to monitor his kidney function. He is responding to the medication and his treatment and the doctor hopes he may be discharged from ICU next week. He is also undergoing physiotherapy. The clot is still in his brain but has not got any bigger. I asked him about the prognosis. At this stage this cannot be assessed as his medical problems need to be brought under control and that is what they are concentrating on at the moment. Also his movement and speech are restricted by current treatments. Let us continue to pray for Fr. Frank's recovery." - Fr. Rector

- Feb 20 4:46 am "Fr. Doyle's condition is stabilizing. He's still on mechanical ventilator but his lung functions are improving so they're planning to wean him off ventilator to allow him to breathe on his own in the next few days. He is responding to verbal commands and is coherent even though he couldn't speak (ventilator tubes going to the lungs via his mouth). Once ventilator tubes are removed, then they can start checking his verbal functions. His body is responding to the medicines they prescribed but is still on dialysis."-John Soong (who vistied Fr. Doyle and spoke to his doctor)

- Feb 16 "The swelling in the brain has not subsided.  Also, he is not discharging waste matter well, so the hospital is considering another blood dialysis. Not good. Let's pray for his inner peace and God's protection of him!" - Fr. Stephen Chow

- Feb 11 16:40 message from Jerome who visited Fr. Doyle: "According to the doctors, Fr. Frank's condition is deteriorating. The blood clot in his brain remains and pressure is building up. The edema (fluid leakage due to the pressure) in his brain has increased considerably. Fr. Frank is now intubated as a precautionary measure. The doctors said that if his condition does not improve, they might have to remove part of his skull to lessen the pressure in his brain." - Fr. Stephen Chow

- Feb 6 2011 "At about 11 a.m., Fr. Frank Doyle was taken from the Arrupe International Residence (Manila, Philippines) to the hospital. Scan revealed a blood clot in his head. Frank is still in the ICU, Medical City, Manila. He is paralyzed on one side and speaks with difficulty though he can recognize people." - Fr. Stephen Chow