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Mr. Peter Tsui Yan Sau

(1889 - 1981)

Wah Yan College was founded on the second floor of No. 60 Hollywood Road on 16th December by Mr. Tsui Yan Sau. There were 4 students on the first day.
1921 In order to accomodate the newcomers, Mr. Tsui rented the second floor of No. 54A, Peel Street and two more teachers, Mr. Shak Cheong On and Mr. Foo Shiu Hong, were engaged in March. The third floor of No. 60, Hollywood Road was secured and Mrs. Hoyune, the first woman teacher, joined the teaching staff.

On the re-opening of the school in August, No. 54A, Peel Street was vacated in favour of more spacious premises at No. 33, Mosque Junction. Mr. Lo Kwing, Mr. Lau Lap and Mr. Cheong Man Fai were enlisted.


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The school moved to new premises at 2, Robinson Road with 300 students.
1922 Wah Yan became a Grant-in-Aid school on 1st October. Mr. Lim Hoy Lan joined the staff.
1924 Owing to the increase in applications for admission a branch school was opened in Portland Street, Yaumati on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong.

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Mr. Lim Hoy Lan was asked to take over the Headmastership from 1st January.
1927 The first Irish Jesuit father, Rev. Fr. John Neary, started to work in Wah Yan as a teacher of Religious Knowledge.

The hostel in Wah Yan was opened on 5th September with Mr. Wong Tuen Po as its first Warden.

1928 The Kowloon branch school moved to Nelson Street.

For the first time in the history of the college, the number of boys on roll reaches the total of 800 - the biggest number in any school in the colony then.


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Fr. Gallagher, S.J.

The College was transferred to the care of the Society of Jesus on 22nd December. The late Fr. R. W. Gallagher, S.J. was the first Rector. In the records of the Jesuit Order, the school was given a new name : College of Christ the King.
1933 The school magazine, "The Star" (Vol. 1), was first published.
1934 The "House system" was introduced in order to extend the benefits of games and athletics to every boy in the school.
1935 The Wah Yan Past Student Association (taking the place of the former "Old Boys' Union") was set up and the first President was Mr. Ko Fook Sun.
1938 Under Fr. Donnelly's inspiration, Class 2 (Form V) began a Free Night School for the poor children of the neighbourhood which continued until the outbreak of the Pacific War.
1940 The hostel in Wah Yan was closed down.
1941 A branch for Senior students was opened on 8th September in Austin Road. while Junior Classes continued in Nelson Street, under Mr. Lim Hoy Lan. Austin Road had a short life as it closed on 9th December, the day after the Japanese invasion.

During the War, the basement in Wah Yan has been turned into Red Cross Station. School was closed. The whole terrace beyond the college in Robinson Road burned to the ground. Fr. Gallagher and Fr. McAsey were interned.

1945 Wah Yan College reopened on 8th September. Later in the year a Chinese stream (Wah Yan Middle School) was added.
1946 In March the organisation of the Wah Yan Dramatic Society commenced. The first production was "The Thrice Promised Bride", performed in the French Convent Theatre. The Society was formally established in 1947.

On 8th Septermber the school at Nelson Street reopened, with 560 pupils on the roll. The Kowloon Branch washanded over to the Jesuit Fathers from Mr. Lim Hoy Lan. Fr. Grogan was appointed as superior and was assisted by Fr. Kelly.

Fr. Howatson began the Wah Yan Poor Boys' Club on 15th November, with 19 boys. With the help of Mr. Joseph Cheung he collected from the lanes and side-walks of the city an army of shoe-shine boys.

1948 The Night School was started on 17th February.
1949 An afternoon school opened under the leadership of Fr. Maguire, with more than 700 boys enrolled. The school time for the afternoon school was from 2:00 p.m. to 7:10 p.m. On 10th October the site for the new College in Waterloo Road was blessed.
1950 The Chinese Section of the school was closed down.
1951 The classes were renamed. Class One was renamed as Form 6 and Class 6 was renamed as Form 1. Class 7 and 8 were renamed as Primary 6 and Primary 5 respectively.
1952 The Governor, Sir Alexander Grantham, opened Wah Yan College, Kowloon, 56 Waterloo Road, on 12th December. The Afternoon School in Wah Yan College, Hong Kong closed.
1953 The contract for the site formation at Mount Parish was signed on 16th September.
1954 On 7th October the foundation stone of Wah Yan College, Queen's Road East was blessed and laid.
1955 Formal opening of Wah Yan College, 281 Queen's Road East, was performed on 27th Septermber by His Excellency the Governer, Sir Alexander Grantham.
The Form 6 classes were divided into two streams, the Science Stream and the Arts Stream.
1960 Our basketball and football teams made a trip to Taiwan.

1964 Fr. Ryan, S.J. received the Hon. Degree of Doctor of Letters from the Governor. The school newspaper, "Starlet", was born. Chon Chi Yu set the record of 9 distinctions and 1 credit in the H.K.C.E.E.
1966 Monthly assembly was introduced as a regular event in school.
The Student Association of Wah Yan College was formed.
1968 Two teachers, Mr. Raymond Yu and Mr. Chau Sui Hay, were appointed to become the first ever Assistant Principals of Wah Yan.
1971 The taking over of "Pun U Primary School" by the Jesuits. It was named as "Pun U Wah Yan Primary School".
1972 Opening of the Ma Ying Library after the renovation work sponsored by Mr. Ma Ying.
1973-75 The students grasped the championship of the Inter-school Chinese Debate Contest.
1976 Economics was introduced in Form 4.
1977 Robert Wong Tuen Po who joined Wah Yan in 1922 and was in charge of the hostel in Wah Yan until it was closed down, died. He was a Link-Man at the change of management to the Jesuit Fathers. He was the man with the Wah Yan Afternoon School until his retirement in 1961.

One extra Form 1 class was added to meet the need of the expansion of secondary education.

1981 Founder of Wah Yan, Mr. Peter Tsui Yan Sau, died on 19 February.
1984 The students grasped both the championships of the Interschool Chinese Debate Contest and the Interschool English Debate Contest. The Wah Yan English Evening School was closed.
1985 Mr. Raymond Yu left Wah Yan after a service of 24 years for Canada and Mr. Cheung Man Sun took his place as one of the Assistant Principals.

Wah Yan College proceeded into the computer age. The computer group was set up and the Report Cards, H.K.C.E.E. results and the school magazine were processed with the help of the computer. The models of microcomputer used by the school were Apple II and Laser.

1986 The Streaming to Arts and Science was started in Form 4 and the Form 4 classes were renamed as 4S1, 4S2, 4S3, 4A1 and 4A2. Computer Studies was introduced in Form 4.
1987 The new annex, Gordan Wu Hall, was officially opened on 12th April.
Lo Chun Kai set the record of 10 distinctions in H.K.C.E.E.
1988 The students got championships of two inter-school Chinese Debate Contests.
The first WYPSA international conference was held.
1990 Wah Yan celebrated its 70th Anniversary with an enrolment of 950.
1991 Two new Assistant Principals, Mr. George Tam and Mr. P. T. Chan were appointed.

The counselling Room which is located at the ground floor of the new annex was opened.

1992 On 8th May, there was a severe landslide at the junction between Kennedy Road Queen's Road East, taking the life of a driver passing by together with his car, owing to heavy rainfall. The back door and the stairs were closed where the basement was evacuated. The Scouts Room, Table Tennis Gym were relocated to the vacant space under the junior lab. The Laboratory wing was sinking owing to the mud slip and there were cracks all over the playground. The well-known 'crack' in the Classroom wing was worsening. Stainless steel plates were used to cover it up.

Wah Yan got three "10 A's" in H.K.C.E.E.

A new subject, Principle of Accountancy, was introduced in Form 4 and Form 6.

The new geography room was opened. New audio-visual equipment was installed to facilitate the teaching of the subject.

1993 Six classrooms were demolished due to the effect of the landslide.
An additional Science Lower 6 class was opened.

The opening ceremony of the 75th Anniversary was held on 21st of December and the Wah Yan Archive was also officially opened.
The 75th Anniversary Redevelopment Campaign took place.

1994 Wah Yan celebrates its 75th Anniversary with an enrolment of 961.
Computer Literacy was introduced in Form 1.

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