Class of '74 Celebration Party

Class of 1974 held a small celebration party on 27 December, 2013 (Friday) at a Chinese restaurant to congratulate our buddies Fong Cheung Fat (方長發) and Look Guy (陸楷) on receiving the CUHK Social Work Distinguished Alumni Award, Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK and the degree of Doctor of the University honoris causa, University of Birmingham, UK respectively. We are proud of them. Congratulations.

- 2013.12.31 - Daniel So (74) and Peter Lai (74) (Past President, PSA)

Report on School Development Project

Currently, the redevelopment of the School Hall is coming to its final stage and we have worked very hard to minimize the disturbance to our school life. According to the contract, the project should be completed by 14 December 2013 and then the school would invite the Building Department (BD) to conduct a site inspection before formally forward the application for the “Occupation Permit” (OP). But due to the delay of the approval from BD on some amended construction, including the widening of the stairs of the SIP building and the approval of the fire system in the new building from Fire Service Department, the application for OP may have to delay to mid-January 2014 and thus the earliest target date of using the new school hall would be early May or even later in July, 2014.

In terms of financial situation, the total contract cost was HKD120 million, of which HKD64.23 million had been settled by November 2013, i.e. the amount to be settled is HKD55.77 million. The School had received an income of HKD3.87 million through the fund-raising raffle ticket and the appeal letter for donation since September 2013, netting a balance of HKD44.85 million by the end of November 2013. In addition, the WYOFF promised to albeit the HKD5 million to the project and thus the School has to raise HKD10.92 million, including HKD5 million set aside for maintenance, to settle the entire project cost. I am looking forward to the completion of the new school hall as it will provide a state of the art environment for further learning and teaching in the future.

Notice to Donors of “Wall of Stars”

As the area of the designated wall for the “Wall of Stars” will be inadequate to accommodate the original design of 1,000 star-plates, the School Development Project (SDP) Board resolved to reduce the number of star-plates to 800 by removing the bottom five rows (Rows U to Y) of plates. Dimensions of the Star-plates will also be changed from 20cm. x 10cm. (200 sq.cm.) to 23.4cm. x 8.5cm. (198.9 sq.cm.) Donors who have selected star plates within these five rows (Rows U to Y) will have to relocate their plates to other locations which are still available. For further details and information, please refer to Mr. George Tam, Asst. Supervisor and Convener of SDP Board or to Mr. Patrick Wong at 25722251.

- 2013.12.12 - George Tam (Assitance Supervisor and Convener of SDP Board)

Words from our Principal...

Dear Teachers, Colleagues, Alumni and Students,

I understand that many of you are concerned about Chan Tsz Lok 陳子諾 (1H) who was badly injured in an accident which happened at Wong Nai Chung Road at around noon yesterday (12 Dec, 2013). He became unconscious and was admitted to the ICU of Queen Mary Hospital (QM). We have been in contact with his parent Mrs Chan who has kept us updated since yesterday. Two alumni in the medical profession have also given Mrs Chan some support. To give time for Tsz Lok to rest, he has been put under sedation since his admission. The surgeon is also monitoring the pressure inside his brain. So far, the pressure inside his brain has been stable and has not increased. His blood pressure and heartbeat are also stable. In my conversation with Mrs Chan just now, she expressed to me her heartfelt appreciation for the care and support she received from Tsz Lok’s fellow schoolmates (both those from PUAWYPS whom he has known for many years and those from other primary schools whom he has known for just three months), parents, alumni and staff. She felt that this had provided her with extra energy to face the challenge. During this difficult time for Tsz Lok and his family, let us continue to keep them in our thoughts and pray for Tsz Lok’s recovery.

Take care,

- 2013.12.13 - Dr. So Ying Lun '77 (Principal)

$500,000 Donation by Class of '63

The Class of ‘63 recently donated HK$500,000 to School Development Project (SDP) at their 50th Anniversary Dinner held on 15th November 2013. (Group photo caption: L to R: Anthony Cham ‘63, Dr. Ying-lun So (Principal), Fr. Stephen Chow (Supervisor), Fong Hup ‘63, Anthony Fong ‘63 and Wilson Wong ‘63.)

- 2013.12.06 - Albert Poon '92 (Webmaster Team)

Raffle 2013 Prize Presentation Ceremony

Thank you very much for the support from all of the Alumni and friends who purchased the raffle tickets. The prize presentation ceremony was held on Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013. Let's congratulate them and salute to their contribution.

Remarks: The last day of the prize collection is 23 Dec 2013. The uncollected prizes will be drawn again in the next fund raising event of SDP.

- 2013.11.28 - Albert Poon '92 (Webmaster Team)

Reunion Dinner 2013

The Annual Reunion Dinner 2013 will be held at 8:00 pm on Friday 20th Dec at the football field of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. The dinner will be held especially for the old boys with graduation years ending “3”. It’s time to rejoice with Jesuits Fathers, teachers and your classmates as well.

The cost of the dinner is $300 per head and $100 per student. We will collect the fee once you arrived at the football field.

*Since our new School Hall is under construction, parking place is very limited. You are not recommended to drive.

For RSVP you may reply to the coordinator of your year (please see below) or you can simply reply to Mr. Albert Poon (albertpoon.wyhkpsa@gmail.com) directly. The deadline for registration will be 15th Dec 2013.

Year 63: Mr. Albert Poon. Email: albertpoon.wyhkpsa@gmail.com
Year 73: Mr. Sam Mak. Email: makpsm@yahoo.com
Year 83: Mr. Raymond Yu. Email: rmwyu.hk@gmail.com
Year 93: Mr. Albert Poon. Email: albertpoon.wyhkpsa@gmail.com
Year 03: Mr. Kevin Lee. Email: kevinlee.hc@gmail.com

- 2013.11.27 - Craig Li '92 (Chairman, Organizing Committee of 2013 Reunion Dinner)

Happy Birthday Fr. Coghlan!

It is always better late than never. Our PSA finally celebrated Fr. John Coghlan's 80th birthday on Monday, 11 November 2013 at The Chinese Club. Over 20 PSA members and students were at the celebration dinner and we all wish you Happy Birthday Fr. Coghlan!

- 2013.11.12 - Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

School Hall Redevelopment Raffle Tickets Result

200 winners are out! Here we go~

Download result here

Visit the SDP website for more information.

- 2013.11.04 - Albert Poon '92 (Webmaster Team)

Wah Yan Golf Tournament October 2013

The second golf tournament organized by our Association for the year 2013 was held on Wednesday, 30th October, 2013 at the New Course of the Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling. A total of 24 members participated in the match.

The final results were as follows:-
William Kwan Trophy – Gross Score
Winner: Mr. Derek Wong
Runner-up: Mr. Simon Lo
Eric Ko Cup – Stableford
Winner: Mr. Gordon Lee
Runner-up: Mr. Philip Wong
Other Winners
Longest Drive on hole #9: Dr. Godwin Leung
Longest Drive on hole #14: Mr. Derek Wong
Nearest to the Pin on hole #2: Mr. Peter Lo
Nearest to the Pin on hole #13: Mr. Simon Lo
Consolation Prize: Mr. Ko Ying

View web album here

- 2013.10.31 - Fong Hup '63 (Golf Convener)

15th Wah Yan League Cup Football Tournament

The evergreen function of our association is back to action. Whether you are young or old, you are guaranteed with fun and excitement on the football pitch at WYK with your friends and families and the joy for following the progress of the league tournament. The tournament will commence soon and would span a few months towards the next summer. Why wait? Pick up your phone to team up with your school mates and submit your enrolment form before 13 November 2013. The team captains' meeting will be held on 16 November 2013. For further details, please click here.
- 2013.10.31 - Peter Tang '78 & Chiwi Lai '97 (Football Conveners)

Wahyanite awarded with Great Bauhinia Medal

Justice Chan Siu Oi, Patrick ('66) has served in the Judiciary for over 25 years and has awarded the Great Bauhinia Medal by the HK Gov't. Please see the link (both text and video from the HK Gov't) and let's celecbrate his Honour.
- 2013.10.31 - Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

Fr Joseph Mallin SJ's 100th Birthday Dinner

On Friday, September 13, 2013, over 900 guests (77 tables) attended Fr. Joseph Mallin's 100th Birthday Dinner held at Metropol Restaurant, Admiralty, Hong Kong. In attendance were Fr's relatives from all over the world, Jesuits, former colleagues, as well as students, former students, parents from Wah Yan College Hong Kong, Wah Yan College Kowloon and Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School who's life have been touched by Fr. Mallin.
Profits from the dinner HK$182,063 & donations received HK$90,000 totals HK$272,063 will be donated to Fr. Mallin to be use at his discretion.
Thanks to my committee: Mrs. Sarah Chan (PUAWYPSPTA), Mr. Raymond Yu (WYHK83) & Mr. Julian Leung (WYHK91) who helped made the event a success.
If you missed the video presentation that night, you can viewed it here. The Interviewer is Dr. Thomas Tsang (WYHK83) and the video was edited by Mr. Nick Tsui (WYHK67). Photos from the evening can be viewed here.
Amendment - Fr Lo accepting the cheque on behalf of Fr Mallin during WY Foundation Dinner on 2 Dec 2013
- 2013.10.23 - Gary Ching (WYHK '86) - Fr. Mallin 100th Birthday Celebration Organizing Committee Chairman

Golf Tournament

Our second golf tournament for the year of 2013 will be held on Wednesday, 30th October, 2013.
The tournament will begin at around 8:30 a.m. at the Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling and prizes will be presented to the winners after the match.
Amongst the prizes, there will be two trophies, which the winners can keep until the next tournament.
The Eric Ko Cup will be awarded to the two players with top scores off handicap and the William Kwan Trophy will be awarded to the two players with top scores off scratch. The same person however cannot win more than one trophy.
The cost, including lunch, drinks and green fee will be $200 for HKGC members, $1,100 for non-HKGC members qualified as guest. Caddies and/or power carts will be available on the spot and you will have to pay for their services at the Club's reception yourself.
If you wish to take part in the competition, please complete the Reply Form and return it to me together with your cheque payable to Wah Yan (H.K.) Past Students Association Ltd. not later than Monday, 21st October, 2013. Download Reply Form.
- 2013.10.14 - Fong Hup '63 (Golf Convener)

New School Hall Site Visit

Members of the SDP Committee visited the construction site of the new school hall on 10 September 2013. Please see construction progress made: Web Album.
- 2013.10.14 - Simon Cheng '72 (Vice President, PSA)

Marathon 2014 - Urgent Call

The next Marathon will be held on Sunday, 16 February 2014. For 7 years in a row, we aim to gather 400 runners to take part in the 10Km Run 2 @ 6:30am as a Supportive Group to raise HK$1 million to sustain sports development in the two Wah Yans.
Unfortunately, boys aged below 16 are not allowed to run this year. This new rule is seriously hampering our chance to fulfil the 400-runner target, not to mention the fundraising goal.
We are motivating our senior students and parents from all forms, as well as teachers and staff members of the Schools to attend, with a view of recruiting 300 runners or more.
Now we have to appeal to you and your schoolmates to join to generate another 100 runners or more. We have to fulfil the runner number target this year else our status as a Supportive Group will be discontinued. What's more important, the virtue of running and fighting spirit in the Schools will also be affected.
Wahyanites, time and situation are critical NOW. Yet let's hold our heads high and strive our best to help our young gentlemen by taking part in this Run.
Please complete and return the enrolment and donation form together with your gifts by Monday, 30 September 2013.
Also please disseminate it to all your schoolmates and friends to encourage them to take part. Together as One Heart and One Family, you will make a big difference for our young Wahyanites!
Please call me on 9092 9433 should you need further information. We look forward to welcoming you at the first Clinic on 26 October 2013.
Again our heartfelt thank-you for your unfailing support.
- 2013.09.17 - Monty Fong (CEO, WYOFF)

Obituary of the late Geoffrey O'Young

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we announce the passing away of our beloved Old Scout Geoffrey O'Young 歐陽仁賢 (Class 5A 1956 ). Geoffrey had suffered from illness and sadly passed away on 25th August 2013 in Sydney.
Geoffrey was best known for his passion and commitment in Scouting, within our 15th Hong Kong Group and he held key Commissioner posts in the Hong Kong Island Region. He was well-liked by all who have had the pleasure of working with him. His contribution in giving good trainings to the scouting community is well recognized and this has formed a firm foundation to how successful Hong Kong Scouting later became. Likewise, Geoffrey had built for 15th HKG a solid and sustainable development platform, which played no minor part in what Wah Yan Scouting has developed into nowadays.
His loves were in many fields including orienteering techniques, knotting and his greatest interest was in pioneering projects. He always enjoyed teaching scouts of all ages in the conventional skill of knotting and the not-so-conventional ideas in putting to use such skills when designing and executing a pioneering project. A tall fellow at over 6 foot, yet never felt distant even for a Primary 4 Cub Scout as his other passion was campfire music. For years he had visited Pun U Cub Scout meetings teaching scout songs to our primary Cubs.
After retirement in 1986 he migrated to Australia. He remained active and kept in close contact with the old scouts and the Wah Yan community. An avid sportsman, he played tennis almost every week enjoying his retirement.
Geoffrey had a family of 3, his widow Hermia and his son Wayne who is married and has brought to the family one Granddaughter. They all live in Sydney. A memorial Service was undertaken in Sydney on 31st August. On our part, we shall hold a Requiem Mass in the Wah Yan chapel on Monday 16th September at 7:30pm. All are welcome.
Geoffrey will be missed by us all but his most distinguished characteristic or impression which parted on many of us who know him will be his most gentlemanly demeanour. The tenacity he demonstrated to us in Scouting will remain with us forever. Like many of our mentors in Scouting, Geoffrey will live forever as an icon, as a model and as a goal for those of us who try to be a good Wahyanite.
Finally, we wish to share with everyone a small piece of Geoffrey's sense of humour. Whenever he was confronting by a bunch of young scouts, he would say "I am neither old nor young, I am O'Young ! "
- 2013.09.15 - Ephraem Tsui '78 (Group Scout Leader, 15th Hong Kong Group)

Urgent need of financial supports to complete the New School Hall

Dear Wahyanites,
Wah Yan needs your financial supports urgently. The funding is far behind the target to complete the new school hall. Please take immediate action to help Wah Yan, our mother school.
Please make it happen!
SDP-Premises for Naming.doc
- 2013.09.14 - Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

Fr. Mallin Article - SCMP

Please click the link to view the article.
- 2013.09.14 - Gary Ching '86 (Chairman, Mallin 100 Organizing Committee)

Our Student Ambassador in Houston

Chris Lee Kar Ming, our Student Ambassador had a trip to Houston in this summer time. Please be shared his experience of the journey by his report and pictures as well.
- 2013.09.09: Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

90th Birthday greeting to Fr Farren

Before celebrating the 100th Birthday of Fr Mallin on 13 Sept 2013, let's say "Happy 90th Birthday" to our beloved Fr Farren on 4 Sept 2013. Fr Farren is now residing in Ireland. No matter you know Fr Farren well or not, please feel free to surprise him by sending him a greeting card to:
Fr A. Farren, S.J.
St. Ignatius
27 Raleigh Road
Republic of Ireland
- 2013.08.29 - Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

Official Announcement of the Appointment of Dr. Y L So to the Office of Principal of WYHK

Please refer to the Announcement for more information.
- 2013.08.28 - Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

Cantonese Opera Singing lessons

The Past Student Association Interest Group has established a Cantonese Opera Singing Interest Group. The first activity is a regular teaching lesson conducted by our brother from Wan Yan Kowloon: Mr Boaz Chow 周仕琛. Boaz at present teaches Cantonese Operatic singing full time at the Academy of Performing Arts.
The time of lesson is 3:30 to 5pm every alternate Sundays at South China Athletic Association.
The cost per lesson will be HK$120. No prior experience is required.
We planned to start our first lesson in August.
Please contact Mr Sung Nee (class of 1972) at the following details:
1. Email: sungnee@gmail.com or
2. Telephone: 2530 0202
We hope to see as many of you as possible. Do come and join us!
- 2013.07.19 - Mr Sung Nee '72

Fr. Joseph Mallin's 100th Birthday

Come join us celebrate Fr. Joseph Mallin's 100th Birthday this September.
Date: Friday, 13th September 2013
Time: 6:00pm (Reception), 7:00pm (Dinner)
Venue: Metropol Restaurant, 4/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, HK (香港金鐘道95號統一中心4樓 名都酒樓)
Fee: $500 per person
Please refer to the enrollment form for more information.
- 2013.07.09 - Gary Ching (WYHK '86) - Fr. Mallin 100th Birthday Celebration Organizing Committee Chairman

Meeting with Wahyanites of WYHK & WYK in Guangzhou

Fr Chow has visited Guangzhou and met both WYHK & WYK alumni there on 15 Jun. If you work or travel there and would like to contact them, please let us know.
- 2013.07.07- Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

The 44th Annual General Meeting cum Dinner

The 44th Annual General Meeting of the PSA was held on Friday, 28 June 2013 at school. We have totally 34 council members to serve the PSA in the coming year. After the meeting, we had our buffet dinner with Jesuit Fathers, Principal, Past Presidents and old boys. The party was joyful. Hopefully it will be another fruitful year for the PSA.
- 2013.07.07- Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

14th Wah Yan League Football League Cup Final - DELAY won again

Delay (WYK) successfully defended their Championship against the revenge challenge from Friends (WYHK) ( Press here for Full Report) and (Press here for photo album).
- 7 July 2013 - Peter Tang (WYHK78 Football Convenor)

JAC Spring Reunion BBQ gathering

The JAC barbeque gathering was held on 5 May, and the young graduates had certainly enjoyed this small scale reunion. The barbeque gathering took place in Shek O, we had been eating, discussing news of Wah Yan, and reminiscing the old days in Wah Yan under a fine spring weather."
- 2013.07.01 - Chan Tsz Lok, JAC Chairman

Chairman's Report at the AGM

It's my pleasure to be the Chairman of WYHKPSA in the past 12 months. Am sure there are still a lot of rooms for improvement but I hope I have at least accomplished what the Jesuit Fathers, the school and the PSA want me to accomplish. Major events occurred in the past 12 months have been summarized for your information. Please click "Chairman's Report" for details. Thanks.
- 2013.06.28 - Simon Cheng '72 (Chairman, PSA)

WYCHK Class of 2013

Last night, Simon Cheng & I attended the Wah Yan College Hong Kong Class of 2013 Graduation Dinner. I was amazed by the talents our graduates shown through their various performances.
With their permission, I would like to share this 100% 華仁仔原創 music video : 再見樂園 - 香港華仁書院12-13年度畢業歌.
作曲:Conrad Wong黃柏樂(6W)
作 詞:Kenelm Li李冠麟(6W)
編曲:Nick Yeow邱子健(6Y)
Band:Kenelm Li,院長,Nick Yeow,7Fish,Conrad Wong Mixing:國@蒲吧,兔@蒲吧
Please enjoy it on Video
- 2013.06.28 - Gary Ching '86 (President, PSA)

School Hall Redevelopment Raffle Tickets

Win a $70,000 18K Platinum Diamond Jewelry Set or any of the 200 attractive prizes. $50 per ticket. Draw Date: 26 October 2013. Make your booking of the raffle tickets through any PSA council member. Visit the SDP website for more information.
- 2013.06.27 - Nick Tsui '67 (Webmaster Team)

First Golf Tournament of 2013

The first golf tournament organized by our Association for the year 2013 was held on Thursday, 30 May 2013 at the New Course of the Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling. ?A total of 27 members participated in the match. ?

The final results were as follows:-
Fong Hup Trophy – Gross Score
Winner:?Mr. Stanley Lah
Runner-up: Dr. Godwin Leung
Ralph Shea Cup – Stableford
Winner: Mr. Christopher Chan
Runner-up: Mr. Frank Chan
Other Winners
Longest Drive on hole # 9: Mr. Adrian Hon ?
Longest Drive on hole #14: Mr. Stanley Lah ?
Nearest to the Pin on hole #2: Mr. Peter Lo ?
Nearest to the Pin on hole #13: Mr. Stanley Lah ?
Consolation Prize: Mr. Eric Wong
(View web album here)
- 2013.06.04 - Fong Hup '63 (Golf Convener)

Alumni Choir Performance

The Alumni Choir had an enjoyable evening performing at the school's Annual Concert last night. Other than performing our solos '乘風破浪' and 'Danny Boy', we also joined the school's Junior Choir & Symphony Orchestra in the Finale.
- 2013.05.17 - Gary Ching '86 (President, PSA)

My North American Trip

I have just returned from a 4-week trip to North America with Vancouver as my first and last stop. Armed with the mission to muster as much financial support as possible for the building of our new school hall, I met with representatives of our overseas chapters in Vancouver, San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Houston, U.S. Eastern and Ontario....(see pictures I took with each Chapter here). As you may know, we still have many unsubscribed spaces left on the Wall of Stars and we must fill them up very soon.
Si hing Chan Hing Shuen in Houston agreed to tell as many past students in his area as possible about Wah Yan's urgent needs for donations, and so did all the other chapters. I am pleased to report that payments for 10 Stars were received right on the spot and, hopefully, more will come our way shortly. .....click for full message.
- 2013.04.22 -Simon Cheng '72 (PSA Chairman)

8th Congress of World Union of Jesuit Alumni

You are invited to the 8th Congress of World Union Jesuit Alumni to be held in Medellin, Colombia, South America from 14th to 17th August, 2013.
Download: | Invitation Letter | Draft Programme | Registration Form |
- 2013.04.14 -Simon Cheng '72 (PSA Chairman)

PSA Spring Dinner 春節聯歡 2013 Photo Album

Click here to view album

- 2013.04.01 - Kenneth Lau '00 Patrick Poon '02, (Co-person-in-charge, WYHKPSA Spring Dinner 2013)

Photo of Fr. Deignan with WYHK boys at his Birthday Party

Click here to view photo of Fr Deignan's 86th Birthday Party photo with the WYHK boys who attended the dinner.
- 2013.03.24 - Nick Tsui, (PSA Webmaster Team)

Birthday Party for Dr. Rev . Fr. Alfred Deignan, S.J. (86th )

We would like to invite you to attend the 86th Birthday Party of Dr. Rev. Fr. Alfred Deignan, S.J. jointly hosted by the PSAs of both Wah Yans.
Date: 24 March 2013 (Sun)
Time: 6:30 p.m. Reception 7:00 p.m. Dinner
Venue: School Hall, Wah Yan College Kowloon, 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon
Cost: HK$300 and 50% off for students
Please make booking with Silas Chan (WYHK '85) Tel: 9244 8448 Fax: 3012 9956 Email: silas@winepatio.com.hk
We look forward to seeing you at the birthday party!
- 2013.03.05 - Simon Cheng '72 (PSA Chairman)

New E-mail Address for PSA

- 2013.02.27 - Peter Tang '78 (PSA Honorary Secretary)

Vancouver Chapter AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Wah Yan College Alumni (Vancouver) Association was held on February 26, 2013. All together 13 tables. David Tong stays on for another term as the President.
View web album here
- 2013.02.27 - Johnny Lo '63 (Vancouver Correspondent)

PSA Retreat

Date: (Postponed until further notice)
Place: Ricci Hall Chapel + Sitting Room
Time: 2 pm
Please come in at 1 pm to have lunch at the canteen.
Discussion starts at 2 pm.
Mass at 5:30 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm.
There will be no charges for the discussion conducted by Fr John Coghlan SJ, Council Chaplain.
Family and children Form 4 or above are welcome.
Free car parking available by arrangement.
Please contact Sung Nee for booking.
- 2013.02.22 - Sung Nee '72 (PSA Council Member)

Chinese New Year Greetings from the Chairman

光陰似箭, 日月如梭. 轉眼蛇年將至, 讓小弟在此代舊生會祝願各耶穌會神父, 退休及在職教師, 職工, 舊生等身壯力健, 龍馬精神, 現就讀的師弟們心想事成, 學業猛進. 將來名成利就, 除可以向父母及自己有個交待外, 還可以盡一點力回饋母校, 再去幫助及提攜你們的師弟, 繼續為母校爭光.

相信你們大多數人都知道華仁的新禮堂正在興建中, 亦知道建築所需的經費嚴重短缺. 有一千粒可讓大家提名讚揚一些與你們及母校有關的人如神父, 教師, 職工, 甚至同學等的星星, 以最低$10,000一粒供各位認捐. 嚴格來說, 這其實是一件小事, 假設每屆只得80人對此計劃有意, 平均每人只需拿出$2,500, 便可以認捐了20粒. 明年便是華仁95週年慶典, 我不敢給初畢業的師弟們太大壓力, 就算只有50屆舊生願意以此方法捐購, 轉眼便可認捐1,000粒星. 而現在我們實際只有約700粒待購, 再加上有很多舊生在經濟能力上可以認捐半粒, 一粒甚或多過一粒, 那麼你們認為校方想在一兩個月內把這一千粒星售罄是否天方夜譚呢?

無論如何, 我相信大家都對華仁有一定程度上的感情, 一定會有錢出錢的, 請即行動.

在此再祝願大家萬事如意, 財運亨通.


- 2013.02.09 - Simon Cheng '72 (PSA Chairman)

Spring Dinner 香港華仁舊生會春節聯歡2013

Date: 1st Mar 2013 (Fri)
Venue: New Star Seafood Restaurant - 1/F, Lockhart Building, 440 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, HK 新星海鮮酒家 銅鑼灣謝斐道440號駱克大廈地下至1樓
Time: Reception 6:30 pm; Dinner 7:30 pm
Fee: Past students and guests $400; Current students and past students aged 65 to 74 $200; Senior past students aged 75 or above FREE.
Please make reservation at your earliest convenience by contacting: Silas Chan silas@winepatio.com.hk / 9244 8448 or Kenneth Lau lokit_ken@yahoo.com / 9823 2610 or Patrick Poon poonhinsunpatrick@gmail.com / 6334 1116
- 2013.02.07 - Kenneth Lau '00 Patrick Poon '02, (Co-person-in-charge, WYHKPSA Spring Dinner 2013)

Obituary - Fr Ciaran Kane, S.J. 冀世安神父

Dear Fellow Alumni of WYHK and WYK,
In gratitude for a dedicated life, I take the pain to inform you the passing of Fr. Ciaran Kane, S.J. 冀世安神父.
Fr. Kane returned to God at 4:05 p.m. in Eastern Hospital today.
Please pray for the repose of soul of our beloved Fr. Kane and the solace of his sister who was with him till he left us.
Feb 13 (Wed): Vigil Mass at St. Margaret's Church, Happy Valley, at 8pm
Feb 14 (Thu): Funeral Mass at St. Margaret's Church at 10am and immediately followed by burial liturgy in the Catholic Cemetery in Happy Valley
- 2013.02.05 - Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J.

An Invitation to the Spring Drinks by the Legal Fraternity

We would like to invite you to our Spring Dinks to be held at the China Club. Dinner will be arranged afterwards subject to number of participants. No reservation necessary, do drop by for a casual chit-chat ! Meet some young faces and some old.
Date: 6th February 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: Drinks from 6:30pm (Dinner follows)
Venue: Function Room at China Club 中國會 13th Floor, the old Bank of China Building Bank Street / Des Voeux Road Central....more
- 2013.01.30 - Alfred Wu '82 (Legal Fraternity)

$500,000 SDP donation by Class '82

We held our 30th anniversary dinner in Wah Yan on 1st December 2012. The event was attended by 66 classmates and 18 teachers and we all had a great evening catching up with old friends and teachers. As a result of the event, a classroom has been donated to the school under the name of "Class of 1982". The event took the organizing committee one year to organize. The most difficult part of the organization was in gathering our classmates contacts, some of which we have not met since we left school!
If you are one of our 1982 classmates and we have not contacted you, please send your contact details to wychk82@gmail.com or join our Facebook group "WYCHK 1982", we will ensure that we contact you for our next gathering.
- 2013.01.19 - Franklin Heng '82

Our Student Ambassador gets a Gavel

The PSA Council and the Legal Fraternity wish to congratulate Godfrey Lam (now the Honourable Mr Justice Godfrey Lam ( 高等法院原訟法庭法官林雲浩) on his Judicial Appointment to the High Court and do whole-heartedly extend their appreciation of his selfless act in accepting this public service role at the expense of his own legal practice. Anyone who knows a Judge personally would know that the post is a burdensome one with tremendous workload and, to say the least, significantly less remuneration. High Court Judges on permanent appointment are also prohibited from returning to their private litigation practice upon retirement.
The Hon. Mr. Justice Godfrey Lam was our first Student Ambassador in Year 1986/87 (interestingly enough, for that year we had two co-winners of the title. Godfrey had shared the honour with Dr. Godwin Leung who both visited Vancouver on our behalves) and our top boy in his HKCEE year. His Lordship is a dedicated Wahyanite who served his Alma mater in earnest, a former Council Member of the PSA, a convenor of the Legal Fraternity, and a dedicated Catholic. Three cheers to those men for and with others !! [ The Official Announcement ]
- 2013.01.11 - Toby Lo '80, (Webmaster Team)

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