IC2004 Presentations & Speeches

  • 'A Critical Assessment of the Education Reforms in Hong Kong and their Challenges'
    PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) by Dr. Pang King Chee.

  • 'Catholic Education in a Changing Hong Kong' PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) and "The Jesuit or Ignatian View' PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) by Fr. Deignan.

  • Report from U.S. Eastern Chapter Slides Presentation (.html).

  • Report from Wah Yan Kowloon Chapter PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) by Felix Tseng.

  • 'Timeless Bonding' Interest Group Clubs & Societies Presentation Rundown (.doc) by Philip Ching and Nick Tsui.

  • 'Wah Yan O Wah Yan' session Video Greetings (.wmv) from Wong Chin Wah.

  • 'Wah Yan O Wah Yan' session PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) by Anthony Wu Ting Yuk.

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