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The following photos were taken by Philip Chan. To order prints, please specify File Name at bottom of each large picture (skipping '.jpg' if you like) and no. of copies required in e-mail to Daniel So.

13 Nov (Sat.) IC2004 Day One at Wah Yan College Kowloon:-
Film No.: IC-A, IC-B, IC-C, IC-D, IC-E, IC-F, IC-G, IC-H, IC-I, IC-J, IC-K

14 Nov (Sun.) IC2004 Day Two at Wah Yan College Hong Kong:-
Film No.: IC-L, IC-M, IC-N, IC-O, IC-P, IC-Q

15 Nov (Mon.) Anniversary Holy Mass at Wah Yan Kowloon and Re-Union Dinner at HKCEC:-
Film No.: AN-, AN-A, AN-B, AN-C, AN-D, AN-E, AN-F, AN-G, AN-H, AN-I, AN-J, AN-K, AN-L, AN-M, AN-N, AN-O, AN-P, AN-Q, AN-R, AN-S, AN-T AN-U

You may also view photos taken by WYHK's Photo Team at Wah Yan College Hong Kong or look at those posted at Photo Bank of Wah Yan College Kowloon.

Press Clippings

31 May HK Economic Journal

08 Nov Ming Pao

09 Nov Ming Pao

09 Nov Economic Times

10 Nov Ming Pao

14 Nov Apple Daily

15 Nov Apple Daily

15 Nov Economic Times

15 Nov HK Daily News

15 Nov Oriental Daily

15 Nov Sing Pao (a)

15 Nov Sing Pao (b)

15 Nov Sing Tao (a)

15 Nov Sing Tao (b)

15 Nov Apple Daily

20 Nov Apple Daily

23 Nov Ming Pao

23 Nov Ming Pao (cover)

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