Wah Yan International Conference 2004

  • IC2004 Report Summary ready
  • Read the report now.
    - 2004.12.20

  • A bit of tabloid gossip .... ha
  • A little harmless joke at the expense of our good old Sir Donald and Sir Gordon.
    - 2004.11.18

  • 1,664 Wahyanites under one roof from 1938 to 2004 ....

  • What else can I say ? It was a wonderful re-union! It is a shame that the hall could only take as many tables, given the publicity, many wanted to come but had found it too late. At the end we took on late comers and had 136 tables of old boys from both schools.
    - 2004.11.15

  • IC2004 Day 2

  • Over to our School Hall on day 2, again a full house when a few well known faces turned up. By the way, the music room wing structure is complete and under-going internal fitting out, today many guests took a tour. The pictures speak a thousand words, see for yourself. Also posted here is an interesting side line in the local press about Mrs. Anson Chan's talk.
    - 2004.11.14

  • "With great honour, I declare the IC2004 open ...." K.K. Lam
  • Over 200 guests attended the opening this morning at the Kowloon Wah Yan School Hall. 18 delegates from all over the world gave reports to the Conference. As we type and upload this very moment, they are discussing worthy topics on the future education for Wah Yan. Stay tuned here to catch more news of the IC2004 in Hong Kong. More pictures here [1] [2] [3].
    - 2004.11.13

  • Monday Re-Union Dinner

  • If you have just learned about the dinner and is too late to send any forms or cheques to the school office. By all means just pop in before 7:30pm on Monday evening to the Grand Hall 5th Floor of the Convention & Exhibition Centre New Wing, present yourself to the "HK Wah Yan Registration Counter" and we shall sort you out. We are currently selling the 126th table but since the Grand Hall is, as the name suggests - Grand, we can put in a few more tables without much difficulties.
    - 2004.11.12

  • IC2004 spousal activites
  • Tony and Viola Wong from Calgary have arrived in town early to assist the IC2004 Organizing Committee to organize spousal activites. They are experienced organizers of such events and have excellent connections and support in Hong Kong. A sight-seeing tour on 13th November (Sat.) has been arranged for spouses and children of IC2004 participants. Please click here for more information.
    - 2004.11.02

  • Star-studded Programme released by IC2004 Office!
  • The IC2004 Office finally released the IC2004 Programme Summary today. According to the Programme Sub-committee Chairman Daniel So, this year's programme is so rich in contents that no Wahyanite can afford to miss it. "Other than attracting old boys, our solid-state programme will also appeal to parents, teachers and other participants who care about the future of education in Hong Kong," says Daniel.

    Megastars on the list of guest speakers include Dr. Rosanna Wong Yick-ming, Dr. Pang King Chee, Fr. A.J. Deignan, S.J., Dr. Anson Chan, Mr. Andrew So Kwok Wing, Mr. Donald Tsang, Sir Gordon Y. S. Wu, Mr. Alan Leong Kah-kit and Mr. Shek Kang Chuen. Other popular Wahyanites speaking include Mr. Wong Chin Wah, Mr. Raymond Yu and Mr. Philip Ching.

    "Registration for the seminar is free of charge, except for meals. Those who wish to attend must register as soon as possible because seats are very limited," says Organizing Committee Joint Chairman Peter Tam. "You can register online by clicking the IC2004 icon on the right or contacting M/s Jasmie Leung at the IC2004 Office by phone (852)2513-8386 or by fax (852)2513-8390," he continues.

    Download IC2004 Programme Summary (.doc) here.

    - 2004.10.11

  • "...You got to hand it to him..."
  • The Webmaster wishes to share with you folks a piece dug up by Fr. Coghlan, Andrew So was inspired by it so much he read it to us last Monday. Here it is (doc), it's worth your 2 minutes and you may want to show it to your teenager kids.
    - 2004.09.15

  • Andrew So to speak at IC2004
  • Andrew So Kwok Wing, SBS, OBE, JP, will be speaking on "Values of Wah Yan education" at IC2004. Andrew was admitted to Wah Yan Kowloon in 1953. He was a Legco member from 1978 to 1985 and the Ombudsman of Hong Kong from 1994 to 1999.

    In the 1990s, Andrew helped Fr. Deignan to form the Hong Kong International Institute of Education Leadership (HKIIEL). Andrew became the Chief Administrator of the HKIIEL when he retired from the Ombudsman Office.

    One of the puposes of the HKIIEL is to promote and develop human values and help individuals to be honest, fair and responsible citizens who are eager and competent to make contributions to the social and moral well-being of the community. The institue currently offers 'Certificate Programme on Values Education','Staff Development Programme for Schools', 'Parents Course', 'Values-based Continuing Professional Development Course' and 'Ethics in Business Programme'.

    Andrew will, no doubt, be adding values to our IC2004!

    - 2004.09.14

  • IC2004 gets full support from Sir Gordon!
  • Gordon Wu Ying Sheung, Chairman of Hopewell Holdings Ltd., has said 'YES' to PSA Chairman Daniel So today when the latter asked him to support IC2004. Sir Gordon has kindly accepted our invitation to be the Honorary Chairman of IC2004 and to speak on the topic 'Alumni Supports in Educational Institutions' during the conference to be held on 13th to 15th November this year.
    Admitted to Wah Yan College Hong Kong in 1946, Gordon Wu had always been one of the most active and supportive alumni of Wah Yan. He donated an entire school annex ('Gordon Wu Hall' - opened 12th April 1987) and further contributed to the maintenance of the building thereafter. A few years ago, he spent much of his valuable time to draft a comprehensive redevelopment plan for Wah Yan. He dug into his own pocket when professional services were required to start the plan off. He also made the generous offer to personally take on half of the total redevelopment costs. When the School decided to put a halt on the project, he was understandably much disappointed.
    "It really takes a great mind and an all encompassing heart for Sir Gordon to agree to help us out again," said the much excited Daniel. "He is setting a fine example for all Wahyanites. He practises 'Men For and With Others' selflessly while most of us just talk about it," he continued.
    Click the IC2004 icon on the right to register now to avoid last minute disappointment!
    - 2004.08.18