Wah Yan Cup 3-aside Basketball Tournament

Final Result

  • Scores in Final (Powerpoint, 39k)
  • 3-aside Basketball Tournament
    Maestro Team (1997)
    1st Runner-up
    Green (1987 - 89)
    2nd Runner-up
    Wah Dee (2005)

    Shooting Competition
    Lam Chi Bun
    1st Runner-up
    Astrar Lam
    2nd Runner-up
    and Best Shooter
    Lawrence Lee


  • Heat Photo Album (7th March)
  • Final Photo Album (21st March)
  • Prize Presentation (21st March)

  • Reports

  • Maestro Team (1997) Won the Basketball Cup
  • Yesterday the Maestro Team - a gang of 3 from 1997 got to keep their Wah Yan Basketball Trophy (donated by the boys of 1958) when they won again in the 2004 Wah Yan Cup. The Green Team, graduates of 1987-89 became the 1st runner up and boys from the B Grade Basketball School Team came 3rd, they will become our 2005 old boys.

    - 2004.03.23

  • Tournament Heat - Photos, Results and Schedule of Finals

  • A prefect Sunday afternoon with dry sunny weather and a gentle breeze, the WYPSA Basketball league resumed for the 4th times as 3-aside games. The atmosphere was warmer with the kids' laughters and cheering of oversea visitor, Jim Yip. Although there are only six teams joining this time, the fighting spirit was high and everyone enjoyed the games. A special occasion is Godine Chan, son of our tournament organizer Simon Chan trying to stop his father for the goal but in vain. Nevertheless, the youngster team won the 70 Pals with a clean margin, check the result (MSWord) and come to watch the Final round games on the 21st Mar starting at 2pm.

    - 2004.03.09

  • Wah Yan Cup 3-aside Basketball Tournament
  • Event Date: 7 & 14 March 2004

  • Deadline for application is on 25 Feb (Wed)

  • Download Enrollment Form (Word .doc)

  • Download Rules and Regulations (Word .doc)
    - 2004.02.16