2001 Outstanding Students of the Year & Student Ambassador Election

9 Nov 2001:

PSA Chairman Peter Tam annouced in the Speech Day Dinner that the Student Ambassador Award went to Chiu Ting-fung!

16 Oct 2001:

The Outstanding Students of the Years Awards go to:
Tin Ka-ho, Chiu Ting-fung and Wu Chia-chun!

26 Sep 2001:

Lower 6 students were gathered in the school basement (the school hall is currently under renovation) to meet PSA representatives and elect 6 students among themselves to compete for 3 places open in the Outstanding Students of the Year Awards.

3 out of the 6 will be chosen as winners on 12 October 2001 by the form teachers and officials of the Outstanding Students Association. Each winner will be awarded $3000 by the PSA.

Among them, a Student Ambassador will also be chosen by the PSA and endorsed by the Principal on 26 October to represent the PSA on a trip to Toronto where he will meet with Wahyanites from all over the world attending the PSA International Conference (to be held on 29 June to 2 July 2001). The PSA will pay for the flight tickets and $2000 pocket money.

PSA representatives who attended today's meeting were: Andrew Mak (Past President and International Convenor), Michael Au (President), Geroge Tam (Principal and Vice President), Peter Tam (Chairman), Nicholas Tsui (Vice Chairman), Gary Ching (Chairman of Students Affairs Sub-committee) and Joseph Vaughan (Barrister-at-law and first year's winner of Outstanding Students Awards).


Joseph Vaughan tells of his valuable first hand experience as a 'sample' Outstanding Student.

Words of encouragement from Michael Au.

Andrew Mak gives his lively explanation of the concept behind the exercise.

Peter Tam doing his job hard and soft selling PSA membership to his ready made target audience.
The 6 refreshly elected semi-finalists are: Tin Ka-ho, Ip Ho-wan, Yip Ka-yeung, Chiu Ting-fung, Huang Yiu-ting and Wu Chia-chun.