Students of the Year Gathering
Harbour View International House, Wanchai. 19 July 2001.

Council Member Godfrey Lam organized a very successfully dinner for all the 'Students of the Years' to meet representatives of the PSA, the PTA and the School on 19 July.
"Since 1987, we have been asking Wah Yan students every year to nominate the best three students among themselves to be awarded the honour of 'Students of the Year'," explained PSA President Michael Au. 'We also select one of them as 'Student Ambassador of the Year' to visit one of our overseas chapter, all expenses paid by the PSA," he continued.
PSA Chairman Peter Tam appealed to the elite past students group to play a more active role in PSA and School matters, "With the number of Jesuit priests diminishing fast, it's time for responsible past students to become more visible to studying students as role models and mentors. Many of the Jesuits went out of their way to guide and help us. To keep to the fine tradition of the 'Wah Yan Spirit', it is now our turn to set good examples and give a helping hand whenever needed...'
During the course of the evening, each of the 'Students of the Year' was asked to say a few words about himself. All responded enthusiastically to the Chairman's appeal and expressed their willingness to step up their involvement in future PSA and School activities.

A very happy George Tam photographed with 22 of the most outstanding
students Wah Yan has produced under his leadership.

Front Row (left to right): Caleb Yip 00-01 (present location-Michigan), Alex Wong Wing To 99-00 (Cornell University), Willy Tsoi 97-98 (UK), Felix Shiu Cheuk Ting 99-00 (HK), Lee Wang Fai 99-00 (LA), Chan Lin 98-99 (Michigan) and Edmond Lau Fu Man* 99-00 (Wisconsin).

Middle Row (left to right): Andy Chan Kwok Chung* 87-88 (HK-Finance), Godwin Leung Tat Chi* 86-87 (HK-Medicine), Godfrey Lam Wan Ho* 86-87 (HK-Law), Joseph Vaughan 86-87 (HK-Law), Stephen Loong Kin Wing 88-89 (HK-Finance) and Raphael Lo Wing Nin* 88-89 (HK-Medicine).

Back Row (left to right): Jason Chan Lap Yan 90-91 (HK-Cable TV), Kenneth Ng Chi Keung 94-95 (HK-Finance), Alan Kwok Keng Chee 92-93 (HK-IT), Albert Wong Wing Keung 92-93 (HK-IT), Sammy Ho Wai Yip 93-94 (HK), George Tam (Principal), Derek Cheung Ho* 95-96 (New York-Banking), Timothy Leung Siui Tang* 98-99 (Cornell University), Li Shiu Hung* 91-92 (HK-Medicine) and Tsui Ka Bun 90-91 (HK-Healthcare Products).

*Also Student Ambassador of the Year

Guests and PSA Council Members who attended the gathering included :

Middle Row (left to right): Stephen Tse (PSA Past President), Andrew Mak (Past President), Hugo Hung (Past President) and Philip Ching (Past President), Michael Au (President), George Tam (Principal), Amy Ho (PTA Chairperson), Peter Tam (PSA Chairman), Nick Tsui (Vice Chairman), Lo Wing Sun (Assistant Principal).

Back Row (8th to 11th from left): Kwok Kar Chu (Assistant Principal), Cheung Yuk Lam (PSA Secretary), Billy Chan (PSA 90's Club) and Gary Ching (PSA Past Students Affairs Convenor)